WWFifa World Cup

July 10, 2006

Well, that’s it. Another month of my life which I can never get back.

The world cup is over, and in a shock result, a bunch of overpaid prima donnas won it.

Every match to date seems to further blur the boundary between football and American Wrestling. We’ve had the obligatory bad guys who get roundly booed whenever they get in the action, the whiter-than-white hero who ultimately never wins anything, the novelty comedy act, and the big air manoeuvres. I’m just shocked that instead of headbutting that bloke, Zidane didn’t go the whole hog and hit him in the chest with a folding chair.

I suppose the one good thing to have come out of this whole sorry debacle is that now my girlfriend and I can watch TV in the same room again. Hang on – Big Brother is still on. Bugger.


One Response to “WWFifa World Cup”

  1. Stu Says:

    Italy were destined to win – according to one of my Italian work colleagues. Since 1970, Italy have made it to the final of the World Cup every 12 years and they’re on a lose/win/lose/win cycle – of course, 2006 was the fourth data point, but hey, as any good chemist knows, you can get a fairly good fit from three points and hell, two generally give a nice straight line as well…

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