The better part of the better part of valour

August 2, 2006

What on earth was I thinking?

In all probability, things would have been a lot easier if I’d done the sensible thing and just handed over my stuff without too much of a fuss.

As it is, I prolonged what was — let’s be honest — a fairly uncomfortable experience. Although I do still own a handful of metal trinkets (and Dom’s book, which had better be really good), I also have the image of two knife-wielding chavs coming at me whenever I close my eyes.

Was it worth the trade-off? The honest answer is that I still don’t know. Part of me is happy that there are two chavs who had a slightly surreal experience robbing someone, and had to root around in the myriad dog turds that make up most alleys in Grays for their meagre returns. The other part of me would quite like a good night’s sleep.

I need to be in control of my destiny. For a couple of minutes the other night, I was one bad decision by an undereducated little scrote away from the morgue. And that scares me more than I know how to say.


3 Responses to “The better part of the better part of valour”

  1. The book was life-changing for me. A different perspective on things we think we know about.

    On your other point, I’m afraid you would probably be having the bad dreams even if you had just handed over your stuff. The feeling of powerlessness has in fact probably been mitigated by your partial resistance.

    I still have sleepless nights thinking about my experiences at the hands of untermenschen like car park attendants and ticket inspectors. Yes, I have been mugged too and in the long run it is no different from being given a parking ticket when you are legally parked.

  2. Lawrence Says:

    I suggest that you go to the Maldives for a while to recuperate. Oh. Wait.

  3. Lui.Z Says:

    You would feel worser if you had not done in that moment what you thought was right and you never know into which problems you run when messing up with the wrong people.
    Surround yourself with friends and people you trust, this will help to gain some calm again (it did for me).

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