A Good Start to the day

September 28, 2006

With important international, work, and domestic events looming large, what better to do than to dwell on the minutiae of life? Today, the pendulum of minutiae (the minutiulum?) swung in my favour. Arriving at the station on my journey this morning, with the train already standing at the platform, and a rugby-acquired back injury forcing me to walk with the speed and grace of Old Man Steptoe, I did not have time to queue up to collect my daily fix of leftist propaganda. Seeing me hobble through, the chap at the news stand ran out of the back of the stall, handed me a copy of the Guardian, told me to hurry for the train, and to pay him tomorrow.

At a time when I’ve got a lot of things on my mind, to be recognised and trusted by a stranger means a great deal. Maybe we should all give someone the benefit of the doubt every now and then.

With that in mind, though, I’m now 70p up. If I feign ignorance tomorrow morning (which I find surprisingly easy, to be honest) and forget to pay for today’s paper, I may put this windfall toward my future, and buy 0.005 8pc ’21 UK Gilts. Unless anyone’s got a better idea what to do with it, that is…


One Response to “A Good Start to the day”

  1. MushyMajor Says:

    140 ha’penny sweets? You could clear them out at Defoe Parade!!

    I recommend a mixture to include white mice, mojos, Blackjacks, flying saucers, prawns, and candy cigarettes. Of course you’ll be looking at a premium on the cigarettes what with Brown getting his pound of flesh from child smokers and all.

    Actually you could go the whole hog and trade up some of your Mojos and invest in a sherbert fountain. I recommend eating the licorice first and saving the chemically enhanced glucose powder for a full on ‘hit’ direct from the tube.

    Problem solved. I thank you.

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