There’s a minuscule chance I’m not cool

October 3, 2006

There’s a pretty good chance I never was. But there were times when — in the right light, and with just the right amount of self-delusion — I could convince myself that I was a member of the urban cognoscenti. I do — after all — have white headphones. I hear they’re all the rage.

The shuffle mode on a iPod is a wonderful thing. There are times when I feel it knows what mood I’m in, and tries to help out.  If I’m a bit down on the train in to work, it will pick me up, dust me down, give me a pat on the back, and suddenly everything’s okay again.

But there are also times it opts for the plain out-and-out mockery . Yesterday, who found himself warbling through aforementioned headphones? Kenny Rogers. Kenny Rogers! How in the name of all that is holy did that end up on there? I know for a fact that I’m the only person who marshals my iTunes, so at some point I must have put it on there myself. I may have been having a bit of a Big Lebowski moment, but still. I thought it was a mere stumble in my casual stroll through coolness.

But then my iPod followed it with this. Gah! Who sets out to poison my auditory wellbeing with this tripe? All I know is that whoever it is, is by no means cool.  And therefore cannot be me. I hope.


2 Responses to “There’s a minuscule chance I’m not cool”

  1. Let your mother sort it out
    (if he comes round here)

  2. Pork Says:

    Truth is you left your ipod laying around at work.. everyone has seen the library of tripe you hold and you know this. You are simply trying to cover up a very embarassing incident.

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