Satire is now obsolete

November 10, 2006

That’s it. I give up. There’s nothing left to which I can add. In this celebrity-obsessed world where magazines often feature multi-page photoshoots such as”Woman married to football player goes to shops. In a hat,” or “Man who once went out with the one at the back from Liberty X walks some dogs. In a hat,” I thought I had seen everything.

The pinnacle of human evolution is now such that we spend time watching TV programs in which celebrities stray out of their celebrity world, and into that of us—Members Of The Public. A cursory glance of the recent TV schedules features shows such as Celebrities Dancing, Celebrities in Circuses, Celebrities on a Beach, Celebrities in a Jungle, Celebrities on a Farm, Celebrities in a House, Ice Skating Celebrities, Celebrities Playing Sports, Celebrities on Diets, and Celebrities Cooking, to mention only a few. Currently polluting our airwaves is surely a new level in banality—Celebrities cutting hair. Upon hearing of this new insult to what little sense or taste society has left, in desperation I decided to take this celebrity fad to is extreme, and asked my girlfriend what they had brewing next in the pipeline—Celebrities on Toilets?

I had already started proffering amusing name suggestions such as Celebritefecation Challenge International, Stars in their Flies, when my girlfriend pointed out that this show had already been made.

Why should I go to the trouble of second-guessing the depths to which TV can sink if it’s already gone there?