Public Service graffiti

December 12, 2006

I have just returned from a rather pleasant break to Reykjavik. And most enjoyable it was, too.

As a semi-professional spotter of whimsy, imagine my delight to see my first instance of public service graffiti, daubed on a wall just off of Laugavegur.

did you know

How nice of the local roustabouts not to just daub walls with meaningless drivel like “TOX 06”, but with a message intended to educate the masses. I fully expected to peek down the next alleyway to find “Did you know that the square root of 196 is 14?”

How wrong I was to underestimate the ambition, erudition, and sheer oneupmanship of the Icelandic youth. Only 10 meters down the road, I found this; a guide to the application of neckwear to the generously-moustachioed gentleman-about-town.


I’m only upset that I couldn’t find a shop to buy any spraypaint, in order to apply some much-needed monocles.


One Response to “Public Service graffiti”

  1. MushyMajor Says:

    I saw that too. Where did you stay?

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