The second I knew I was no longer young nor cool

April 8, 2007

When going shopping with my girlfriend, she held up a rather pleasant—yet ornate—dress in front of her, and asked me what I thought.

Rather than “Crikey—that looks stunning,” or “I wonder if she’ll ask me if it makes her bum look big,” my first thought was “That’s lovely, but it’ll just be a devil for me to iron.”

Does anyone have some slippers, a cardigan, or a nice sweet sherry I could borrow for a while?


4 Responses to “The second I knew I was no longer young nor cool”

  1. Richard B Says:

    I can just see you in your floral pinny and your hair in curlers doing the ironing in front of the TV.


  2. Mushymajor Says:

    No need for curlers for the Pease. Maybe frizzease…

    That paragraph of mumblings is quite possibly the gayest thing I have ever read. Apart from Scouting for Boys.

  3. Neil Says:

    You iron your bird’s dresses?? Whoa. I thought I was a renaissance man simply by not asking my missus to iron my shirts.

  4. mushyp Says:

    I asked my girlfriend to iron me a shirt once. You can still see the scar.

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