The Hotpoint WD860 Washer Drier…

April 23, 2007

…is a big—albeit reassuringly expensive—pile of shit.

Unless you are one or more of:

  • A benevolent millionaire desperate to fill Hotpoint’s coffers,
  • A retired washing machine repairer who longs for the good old days,
  • Free between the hours of 8-12 or 12-6 roughly once every 6 weeks,
  • Just plain stupid,

then you should treat the act of buying one with the same caution best exercised when wondering whether or not to join Goldilocks for a nice porridge breakfast and a lay-down. Whilst wearing a T-shirt saying “Mummy Bear’s a Slut.”


12 Responses to “The Hotpoint WD860 Washer Drier…”

  1. James Says:

    My only encounter with washing machine repairmen was when my venerable and otherwise staunch early model Ariston failed with a loud bang and puff of smoke.

    Chap came out pressed a few buttons and diagnosed a failed motor without even taking the lid off. So I ordered a new motor, forty quid deposit.

    A few days later three of them turn up, with said motor and bag of tools. Five minutes into fitting the damn thing there is a loud bang and a puff of smoke.

    Almost without pause I am handed a washing machine catalogue with the phrases ‘we recommend a Bosch’ and ‘we can fit it before the weekend’.

    Needless to say, I showed them the door quicker than a drunk in a Wetherspoons at 23:20. Was I hustled out of 40 quid? Perhaps.

    Moral of the story – buy the cheapest you can and take it to the tip when it breaks. Then buy another one. Repeat when necessary.

  2. Mushymajor Says:


    Hotpoint have a terrible reputation in terms of reliability, but a dual purpose machine is never a good idea.

    We have, sorry Julie uses a Siemens serie IQ 1630 and it is the nuts as far as washing machines go. Now she’s away I have to work out what all the buttons do. Expensive but good

    BTW who is the fella in the photos on the right there? He looks like a camp version of the brother you never had

  3. mushyp Says:

    Seeing as I’ve only ever had one camp brother, it’s probably best to point out that the fine bethermalled chap on my flickr page is Lawrence, who was one of the chaps with whom I went boarding.

  4. Mushymajor Says:

    It has to be said, that other than the wonky head, he’s a dead ringer

  5. mushyp Says:


    After having been fixed yesterday, and completing one whole drying cycle, it’s gone tits up again.

  6. mushyp Says:

    After an exasperated call with the Hotpoint customer services department, I have now been advised that it’s probably best to go after Comet (from where I bought the machine) on the basis of the sales of goods act. The general gist of this is that I have been informed by the manufacturer of a product that my best recourse is to get an exchanged model from the retailer, on the basis that the goods they were selling were unfit for retail.

    I have no idea how to counter that argument with a logical response. Any suggestions?

  7. mushyp Says:


    After having been fixed yesterday, not even having completed one wash/dry cycle, it’s gone tits up again. In defence of Hotpoint, the engineer who came round yesterday described the problem because “The washer / dryer is very much like a Sky Box. Sometimes it needs to be turned off and back on again.” Again, how does one argue against that using only logic and common sense?

    That means that in the past 10 days, the piece of crap has been repaired twice—TWICE!—and I haven’t been able to use the bloody thing once.

    I am now preparing to unleash the full might of the Sales of Goods Act 1979 (amended) upon Currys, and to watch them cower in its giant shadow.

  8. mushyp Says:


    About 5 minutes after posting the last comment, I got an email from Hotpoint offering a replacement machine. That will make it 4… Are there any gamblers out there?

  9. Mushymajor Says:

    Tell them you don’t want it, but the cash equivalent to buy a machine that actually does the job. Your girlfriend must have worn her fingers to the bone doing a manual wash

  10. mushyp Says:

    It’s gone!

    Although Currys have acted like a shameless bunch of shits throughout this whole affair, the nice people at Hotpoint have really done the biz, customer service-wise. Although as a cynic, it’s easy to dismiss Hotpoint’s actions as nothing more than protecting their bottom line (rather than supplying a fifth machine, and watching it go belly up after ca. 7 days and then sending another, they took the old machine away, and refunded the money we spent on it), they have been grand. The customer support people at Hotpoint have been unfailingly polite, understanding, and helpful. Whereas I’ll never again buy anything from Currys with their surly, shit-brained store management, and therefore from Dixons or PC World either, I’ll not think twice about buying another product from Hotpoint. Except the WD860, which really isn’t very good.

  11. JeffK Says:

    HELP !!!… My machine has broken down 6 times now (make it 7 as its ust gone again. We took the extended warranty out and so Hotpoint said that it was not there responsibility – we only took it out at month 11 as the machine was so so unreliable. Hotpoint just don’t care that there reputation is in tatters, I have always bought them and they have been fine, but this machine LEAVE IT WELL ALONE !

  12. Bart Says:

    Upsss People you said everything wrong regarding above Washing machine 😦 I just bought it from Ebay so it is inpossible to get money back I never tried this washing mavchine yet due to I moving next saturday and after wi will see 😦

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