The vortices of love

July 31, 2007

My life has recently some to resemble a spotted dick; 99% interminable, plain suety stodge, with the monotony only occasionally interspersed with a raisin of silliness. Some of you may prefer to envision my life using a metaphor referring to J J Thompson‘s model of the atom, but the end result is the same…

It was such raisin/electron in which I found myself last weekend.

My girlfriend’s sister was over staying for a few days, leaving her new-found beau back in her home town. Not unreasonably, she spent a lot of the weekend conversing with her fancyman via instant message. Even less surprisingly, she was keen to make a good impression and sound knowledgeable, in the early days of her new relationship. Ever eager to help out my girlfriend’s sister, I thus found myself flirting with another man—an aircraft engineer—late one friday night through the medium of a double entendres based loosely around the Bernoulli Effect.

Didn’t see that coming…