Demolition of the old office

August 21, 2007

Another shoddy cameraphone snap of the old building. This is from the north side of Fenchurch St, looking south east.

Excitingly, and rather precariously, the whole of the mezzanine level has been demolished, just leaving floors 3 and upward hanging from the central core, which you can now see exposed. Glass has gone up to the 5th floor.

Even though I still know why the building has to be demolished like this, it still just looks wrong.
20 fen


Here’s a view of the south east corner of the building, showing the underside of the third floor, and the precarious nature of the whole affair.

underside of 3rd floor


3 Responses to “Demolition of the old office”

  1. savaged Says:

    And to think we were all balanced up on the heights of that!

  2. Paulos Says:

    Looks a similar construction to the building being demolished next to Lloyds where it’s demolished from the bottom up. I took some photos of the no.20 a couple of weeks ago before all the glass had gone round the lower floors. Have to take some more of it’s continuing destruction.

    Also went to see what had happened to Riverbank House and was slightly surprised to see nothing but a hole in ground!

  3. […] 30th, 2007 An exciting new twist in the documented-via-the-medium-of-low-quality-mobile-phone demolition of 20 Fenchurch St—well—twisted over the weekend. For a while, I’ve been rather perplexed […]

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