Fred Basset – erratum

July 14, 2008

Now I’m not going to use this forum to engage on a years-long rant against Fred Basset creator Alex Graham. That kind of thing has been done already, and done extraordinarily well.

You can see Fred’s latest hilarious antics here. As the proud co-owner of a Basset pup of my own, however, I have to say that Mr Graham’s comic strip would perhaps be a little more lifelike if it looked like this:


4 Responses to “Fred Basset – erratum”

  1. You suck at Photoshop

  2. mushyp Says:

    Look – if the lazy sod from whom I’m plagiarising this post is too bloody idle to draw proper frame borders, it’s not my fault, is it?

  3. Stunning blogpost, I did not thought this would be so great when I read your link.

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