October 30, 2008

So it wasn’t today.

The phone call from the hospital wasn’t the one for which I was waiting. The excess of orthopaedic trauma cases yesterday bumped my op back to tomorrow at the earliest. In an open message to the late-night travellers of the Southend area, can you please try to avoid any multiple pile-ups in the next few hours? Also, seeing as it’s kicking out time at the nightclubs before too long, can I ask that if you really want to fight each other, to try to restrict yourselves to soft tissue damage only?

My inner hypochondriac has started to work his own special magic since I got the news that the bone I thought was healing nicely was to be augmented by one of these. When I was under the impression that everything was ok, frankly I didn’t feel too bad. Sure it hurt, but most of the time I wrote it off as what happens when healing takes place. Since finding out that the ends of my collar bone are a lot further apart than they should be, the baseline level of hurt has been different. The best way that I can describe the feeling across my right shoulder is that it’s like the feeling when you first stretch your hamstring before a match on a cold day. Only for longer. It’s an odd sensation, and by no means one which I’ll miss.

As I write this, it’s early morning and I can’t really sleep. Might be the discomfort, might be the unknown about what tomorrow will bring – I’m not sure. Either way, from my bedroom, I can hear neither car crashes or drunken fights. Or drunken car crashes. And on a purely selfish note, that has to be a good thing.


3 Responses to “Waiting”

  1. If you ask him to use pan-head screws instead of countersunk ones, you could have an interesting row of bumps on your shoulder. These might come in very handy for storing your chips.

  2. Pork Says:

    Hey, Get well soon Mushy! Good luck on the trick or treat outing tonight! Thought you might like some ideas for an outfit… http://humor.beecy.net/animals/halloween-dogs/index.aspx?n=4

    Any chance you could publish the x-rays?

  3. mushyp Says:

    X-rays can be done, but not for a week or two at the earliest. Stay on the edge of your seats for a close-up of my heavily-stapled-together shoulder, coming early next week.

    Something to look forward to, I think we all agree.

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